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 Adversity is no stranger to Dez Rocket, and the recording of his latest self-titled album ‘Dezert Rocket’ was certainly no exception. From an earthquake to a house fire, to losing his father, cousin and cat, not to mention a dozen (12) pieces of blown studio equipment and gear, including a catastrophic computer failure! And that’s not all. A tree fell on the first studio crushing it and rendering it useless, forcing him to scramble to find another studio to complete the album! 


But, if hardships can become a recipe for an unbelievable album, then your ears have come to the right place. Dez Rocket has a sound all his own, blending driving guitars with melodic synth sounds and amazing vocals that capture your attention whilst singing incredibly deep and well crafted lyrics. The theme of the entire album seems to tie in to humanities current ascension into 5D or fifth density-dimension, also referred to as the Age of Aquarius. From the purging of ego to the awakening into a new reality, the connection, though often in the shadows, is omnipresent. 


His funky, rocky, punky approach to songwriting is absolutely refreshing and an absolute must for anyone looking for an alternative to today’s sound. His skill as a songwriter shines through every chord progression and melody, and his experience as a producer is beginning to make its mark. Providing the Lead vocals and most of the backing vocals, Dez was also responsible for all of the guitars, bass and synthesizers on the soon to be released album, with several guest appearances by some amazing studio cats in and around Los Angeles rounding out the drums, horns and backing vocals. 


If you like discovering new music, and honestly who doesn’t, then Dez Rocket’s new album Dezert Rocket should not only be on your radar, it should be in your modern Alternative/AltRock wheelhouse!

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