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About Dez Rocket

Dezert Rocket is an Alternative/AltRock meets Electronica solo artist based most of his career out of Van Nuys, California and now residing in St. Louis, Missouri who released his first singles as a solo artist in 2014. Dez began writing at the age of 3 and began developing his unique approach and style in his teens. The early part of his career was spent as the lead singer of several different bands, touring a large swath of North America, and recording in many studios around the US. Dez was probably most widely known for his role as the frontman and songwriter for Chongo Guru (1995-2002), an original AltRockPunk band playing the majority of their shows in Los Angeles and surrounding areas to a local cult following. 

   Dez recently completed his self-titled album “Dezert Rocket” recorded and mixed at Stonyvale Sound in Tujunga, California, and mastered in Hollywood at Bernie Grundman Mastering. His first single off of the new album is called “Shocktane”, a post-modern upbeat alternative rock tune, and is set for release along with a supporting music video on January 29 of this year, and after several subsequent singles drop, the entire album will be released late summer/early fall 2021.

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