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Play It Cool          Baby

Listen in New Releases!

“Take On The World” is a sonic kaleidoscope. Synths shimmer and pulsate, creating an uplifting atmosphere that complements the song’s message of empowerment. Dez Rocket’s vocals are charismatic and passionate, perfectly conveying the frustration and determination simmering just beneath the surface. The groovy guitar riff is infectious, instantly locking you into the song’s infectious vibe. The drumming adds a powerful punch to the track, perfectly complementing the funky guitar and keeping the rebellious spirit alive...

New Album Coming Later This Year!
Dez Rocket Musician


The Metaphysical Rocker

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   I began writing music as a child, and began my music career as a touring lead singer/synth player and rhythm guitarist. I released one record with my Los Angeles based band Chongo Guru before I started releasing music as a solo artist in 2014. Music is a conduit that connects us, not just in this world but beyond. Music is also the main artistic avenue in which I express both the light and dark aspects of my being... and it's also a way for me to be a total kook and have a lot of fun! Either way, a much needed transmutation takes place. 

   I began studying spiritual alchemy in 1996 when I entered my first sweat lodge and dancing between realms for much longer than that. Thank you for being in Gaia, and for being a part of my energy. There are 200 billion galaxies. One of them is you. All My Relations.


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